Project Management

Project Management

Our skilled Project Management Office leads an efficient management team that works together to standardize the processes, tools, templates, and techniques required in the Project Management. Various efforts are made in improving the capabilities of project management. Sufficient and required training is provided in addition to the mentoring and coaching under the guidance of skilled and experienced professionals. Furthermore, regular project reviews are conducted and documented after each project completion. This practice helps us in identifying the scope of improvement in the process of Project management so that we continue to deliver successful projects to our clients without fail.

Employing the traditional approach, our project management process is divided into five stages. Each stage is crucial in the development of a successful project.

  • Conception and Initiation: At this stage, the basic concept of the project is developed and discussed. Our team determines whether the project will be beneficial for the organization and whether the project is realistic or not.
  • Planning (or Designing): During this stage, the project undertaken is defined. The resources, budget and time frame is calculated and determined. Then the proper planning is put into motion to develop the project.
  • Production (or Execution): The developed project is distributed into teams for execution and put into production.
  • Project Monitoring: The executed project is monitored and reviewed by keeping a very a close eye on its activity and functions. It is essential to note any issues with the project which are rectified immediately.
  • Closing: Lastly, if the client approves the project then the project is deemed finished. An evaluation is conducted at this stage to marginalize any scope of improvements for future purposes.


Why Project Management?

Despite having proper skills and certification in the field, people sometimes fall into bad habits. This leads to many ambiguities and project gets delayed. To avoid this, we manage a well-organised and a well-co-ordinated team by developing a Project Management Framework.

The benefits of following this structured approach for project delivery are many.

  • Effective decision making: With clearly defined roles and the expected behaviors clearly defined, the confusion over who is accountable for what is effectively reduced. With better communication between individuals as well as teams, the correct decision making becomes easier and quicker.
  • In time Risk Assessment: By following a step by step procedure, the potential risks are highlighted before a project is completed. This in itself is a great benefit.
  • Saving time and resources: Re-using the resources instead of starting from scratch every time any issues are encountered, quickens the Initiation phase in Project Management.
  • Cost reduction: The trial and error method without any structured layout increases the expenses. With properly defined project, the estimated cost can be kept under control.
  • Effectiveness in delivery: The same methods employed previously in a successful project will serve as the solid base for future successful projects. Better Quality goes hand in hand with this.
  • Better Flexibility: The possibility of making a smart decision during any stage of project management without disturbing the flow is in itself worth the effort.

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