Managed Network

Managed Network

“In a hyper-connected world, a robust network service is deemed essential.”

Managed Network Services are a complete replacement for the in-house IT services of an organisation. These network services extends from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to Consulting and implementation services.

We at MSP Technologies provide a high-end experience for customers by providing an array of services across the following areas:

    Remote WAN, LAN, WLAN

    Remote IP/VoIP

    Managed WAN, LAN, WLAN

    Managed IPT/VoIP

We empower your business by managing and securing end-to-end network services and infrastructure. Our network management service takes away the burden of managing networking from you so that you can focus solely on your business. Cost effectiveness is another deeming quality of ours. We help you avoid hefty capital investments which save you the money that can be used in other essential areas of your business.

With our best practices and capabilities at your service, you can rest assured that you will have an exceptional experience working with MSP Technologies.


⦁    Cost Control over entire IT Network.

⦁    Proactive maintenance and Issue prevention.

⦁    Quality Improvement.

⦁    Better Network Security

⦁    Better Network availability for better accessibility of data.

⦁    Better performance and in turn increased productivity.

Our Services include:

⦁    24 x 7 monitoring of servers including each endpoint by experts.

⦁    Our technicians and engineers monitor and make adjustments to ensure smooth functioning and productivity.

⦁    An alert (or a ticket) is created in case an action is requested or required by you. The alert is communicated to our technicians according to the level of difficulty of the issue and the problem-solving ability of technicians. The selected technician then get in touch with you to resolve the issue together with you.

Additional services include:

⦁    Software installation and update.

⦁    Malware detection and scanning.

⦁    Troubleshooting and Network connectivity.

⦁    Email, Audio/Video management

⦁    Performance report and recommendations (if any)

⦁    Backup and storage


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