Upgrade this PC now

Get a free upgrade to windows 10 still while you can

Get a free upgrade to Windows 10 still while you can

While I was checking few things on upgrading one of my old machines to windows 10 I have noticed the free upgrade on all previously activated genuine windows 7 OS is still possible. Get a free upgrade to Windows 10 still while you can I say this because the free upgrade campaign was stopped by Microsoft back in 2016 July.


You will have to download the utility from Microsoft which will help you with the upgrade. You can click on this link here to download the utility also known as “Media Creation Tool”.


Confirm if your current operating system (Windows 7) is genuine and activated. please see the steps below to find out more about successfully activated windows operating system.

a. Click on start menu and then do a right click on computer in the right pane of the start menu and go to properties.

b. You will see a new window in which you can check the activation status at bottom of the screen. see below I’ve highlighted it.

Activation Screen
Activation Screen


Once you have confirmed that your current operating system which is windows 7 is genuine and activated, let’s execute the “Media Creation Tool” which we’ve downloaded in our 1st Step.

TIP: Launch it with elevated permissions. (Right-click on the “Media Creation Tool” and click on Run as Administrator).

NOTE: If it’s your home computer you may not see any prompt, however, if it’s your office computer/laptop you may see a prompt asking for domain administrator credentials not unless you have local admin privileges assigned to your username. If you see the pop up asking for administrator creds I would recommend give a shout to your IT Helpdesk.

NOTE: Usually you don’t have to backup everything before you do this upgrade as it only works with operating system related files however, I would recommend you to take a backup of all your profile content especially if its saved in your primary drive. Here is another article which can help you with taking your profile backups.

You will see a new pop up as soon as you run “Media Creation Tool” which will guide you through the upgrade of your operating system to windows 10.

Accept EULA (End User License Agreement) from Microsoft to proceed with the wizard.


EULABe careful in this step, you have to select “Upgrade this PC now” and click Next.

Upgrade this PC now
Upgrade this PC now

As soon as you hit next the wizard will start the download of the Windows 10 operating system and will Install it automatically. Per my experience, it usually takes 45 mins to finish.

It will restart post upgrade and you can log in with same credentials as earlier and you will also notice all your desktop items and my documents file intact.